Croagh Patrick in the Moon Light

At the bottom of The Reek or St Patricks Holy Mountain, an area for praying which looks on to the mountain in the background.

And here is a statue of the man himself

This is just the start of your climb and here is the walk up to the only steps of the climb

And the mountain itself in moon light and it was cold

Copyright Clive Jennings

Passing Train

Passing Train


Do you know one of those days you should have stayed at home, anything that could go wrong did, so I only took one shot today on my way to my last call of the day and this is it,  not great but I’ll keep practicing.

Copyright Clive Jennings

Enjoy Life Its Far To Short

Today’s post is more about what I’m saying than the photographs as they’re not great.

Today I went to the funeral of the wife of an old friend that I grew up with and played with. His wife was a young lady and leaves behind two beautiful younger ladies and a good husband.  She was a Filipino lady and the Filipino community came around and supported the family in their hour of need and helped out at the funeral by singing and praying in both their own language and ours which was beautiful.

So I want to tell a little about my life. I grew up with this friend and grew apart as happens in life but when I met him today it was the look and the hug and no words that meant we don’t forget our own childhood friends, when we had fun, games and happiness. I told their little girls one story today from our childhood.

When we were growing up we played tricks and had innocent fun. We would put tomato sauce on us and lay on the ground at the side of the road and put a bicycle on top of us and scare the living daylights out of people. On one of these days his uncle came along and saw us, he stopped thinking the worst and of course we got up and ran, so he then went to his nephew’s parent’s house and ya we go into trouble.

So what I’m trying to say is enjoy life, be happy and don’t hurt or harm anyone but go out and have fun. Life is too short.

Limerick Tunnel under the Shannon (No Name Yet)

I was the back seat passenger

Jack Lynch Tunnel Cork

Croagh Patrick January Sunset



Taken outside Westport on the way to Castlebar this evening……


Nephin Mountain Range Co Mayo

Here is Nephin Mountain, well Nephin Mor with a light coating of snow. These were taken on the way to work and then I tried to get Croagh Patrick in an unusual light but to no avail so got another few of Nephin Mor. I hope you enjoy them.

I have climbed it and its a hard climb but enjoyable. Below is some more information about it.

Westport at night

These were taken today in Westport on the Mall again from the other side

Westport Co Mayo

Westport Co Mayo at night

Westport Co Mayo

On the way home again ….

See the gallery for more shots of me messing again ……

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