Castlebar Mall and Protestant Church

Hi back again, my sister got me into this blogging and this is the first time ever that I have done this social media thing. She believes that I’m a better amateur photographer than she is but as I say we have a totally different technique. A lot of you guys have looked and liked some of my shots, and thank you all, I have probably looked at your sites on my HTC phone but never commented or thanked you. My sis told me I have to comment, as if you took the time so should I. And I will. O ya you guys have some fabulous shots so be patient I’ll get back to you.

I’ve set myself a goal of taking and posting a photo each day. It’s hard to find something everyday but you can probably see by now I take a lot of them at night on the way home from work, but I do like night time shots.

Here’s the lonely seat in the town Mall

The Lonely Tree

The  walkway

The Protestant Church

I have put in the full gallery for this evening and did a bit of black/white photos just for fun which I have no experience with either but we will keep trying

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