Enniscrone Beach Sligo

Went to Enniscrone today to see whats the waves were like, o ya Enniscrone is on the west coast of Ireland. But before we got there we passed the river Moy which is fed from Enniscrone, and is most famous for its salmon fishing and Jack Charlton fishing on it




and we saw a boat stuck on the water

ok it has been stuck there for a while,



But this is what we went to see…..

and I think these planes were racing each other

and some poor farmer got stuck

have a look at the gallery and the small group of birds which were running in and out as the waves did

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Going Going Gone

A Spring day in Westport today, sunshine and mild to hail and blustery wind and cold …



Just as well I wasn’t caught in it!


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St. Mary’s Cathedral Tuam

Taken on the way home from Galway this evening. We don’t take time to enjoy what is straight in front of us,  I was getting a coffee in Tuam and there it is.

“St. Mary’s Cathedral is the Church of Ireland Cathedral in Tuam and parts of this building date from the 12th, 14th and 19th centuries.

This Cathedral also houses The High Cross of Tuam which was erected in the south transept of the 19th century building. St. Mary’s also houses a cross shaft which also dates from the 12th century.

The cross head from St. John’s Abbey which also dates from the 12th century is housed in the Synod Hall, the fourteenth century building.  St. Mary’s has many interesting features which include the 19th century stain glass windows by McAlister, housed in the Synod Hall and the late 19th century stain glass windows in the 19th century building, some depicting the faces of real people, one time parishioners in the Cathedral.

Major renovations took place at St. Mary’s Cathedral from 1985 to 1993 and an all new central heating system was installed during September 2000.”


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Killeen Church Louisburgh Westport Co Mayo

I was working in this area and on the way to my next call saw this small church and said that’s different. It was a really dark, cold crisp night and all I could hear were the waves crashing on the rocks in the distance.


Killeen Church 2

and this is a good old Irish sign post,

and on the way back to my van I took this one, and it turned out better than I thought,

and here its is on Google Maps



And here are a few I took before, just a small sample in the general area at different times









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Car tail lights



This is one of the parking light on my van



and fully lit up and this is what you get



A single car on its own, ISO 400 Shutter 25 sec Aperture 5.6


and two cars one after another, ISO 500 Shutter 30 sec Aperture 5.6




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Museum Of Country Life Turlough Castlebar

These were taken this evening, in a cold breeze,

The small walkway in…

Main walkway in

Walkway looking back out to the main road…

Walkway look back out to the main road

Trees illuminated by light on the way in on the right hand side…

Trees on the way in on the left

Turlough Tower with street light and reflection on the river…

Turlough Tower

Trees by the pond on the left hand side on the way in …

Trees by the pond

And another one of the trees

Tree by the light

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The Reek and The Holy Trinity Church Westport

Taken this evening just before sunset of Croagh Patrick. I have taken a lot of photos of it, but its always different,

Went towards Westport to get the sun setting on Croagh Patrick but missed out, so went for an ice cream and waited till it got darker and took a few of this Anglican church its “Holy Trinity Church Westport”. Had to take them over the fence as the place was closed up


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Lough Mallard, Castlebar

This was just outside Castlebar as the last of the sun sets on a small lough, again was playing around with the settings,

here’s what I got as a result….




need more time but its always too short on sunset and sunrise

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Castlebar Mall and Protestant Church

Hi back again, my sister got me into this blogging and this is the first time ever that I have done this social media thing. She believes that I’m a better amateur photographer than she is but as I say we have a totally different technique. A lot of you guys have looked and liked some of my shots, and thank you all, I have probably looked at your sites on my HTC phone but never commented or thanked you. My sis told me I have to comment, as if you took the time so should I. And I will. O ya you guys have some fabulous shots so be patient I’ll get back to you.

I’ve set myself a goal of taking and posting a photo each day. It’s hard to find something everyday but you can probably see by now I take a lot of them at night on the way home from work, but I do like night time shots.

Here’s the lonely seat in the town Mall

The Lonely Tree

The  walkway

The Protestant Church

I have put in the full gallery for this evening and did a bit of black/white photos just for fun which I have no experience with either but we will keep trying

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