The place I have photographed most, its never the same

I see this view of Croagh Patrick most days driving out of our driveway as long as there are no clouds in the way .

Probably the reason I have so many photos of it, I have seen it most days of my life and I enjoy climbing it and taking photographs of it and it’s almost never the same.

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Just look up

Taken 2012-07-20 21:37:22

Taken 2012-07-20 21:38:23

Taken at the same location but looking at a different part of the sky

All we need to do is look up

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July Rainbow

Taken at a customer’s house while working , just as well my customers know me well enough to not wonder what the hell i’m at with the camera taking photos of rainbows

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Rain Rain Beautiful Rain

After finishing work on Tuesday evening it was raining heavy and fast , so above is a photo of what I saw from my van

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Swarm Of Midges

Taken on Monday evening last of a swarm of midges. It was the first time i have ever seen this.

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Tourmakeady Waterfall

Taken last Sunday at Tourmakeady water fall in Tourmakeady Woods Co Mayo.

It was a lovely sunny day and so enjoyable.–tourmakeady-woodland-trail&catid=50:outdoor-living&Itemid=144

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Ballina Salmon Festival 2012 Fireworks

What can we say, they were good

Croagh Patrick Wedding on Friday the 13th , American & Irish Wedding

A wedding on top of the Reek which is a rare sight and occasion. The priest was Fr John Kenny and the wedding party was from America with Irish roots, the flag I believe was supplied by Fr. John

Like a lot of churches it was cold and windy

Yes the ladies dressed up in all their finery which was no mean feat

and also the 3 bridesmaids and the bride. They carried their clothes up and changed up there …

It was great to see this wedding on Croagh Patrick as it doesn’t happen often