Breaking waves in Achill this afternoon


Crashing waves this afternoon in Dooega, Achill, Co Mayo.

Copyright Clive Jennings Photography

8 responses to “Breaking waves in Achill this afternoon

  1. Love the crashing waves… the black and white makes it’s look mysterious too! 😀 Also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog recently. Sorry to be late responding but my mom is seriously ill and in the hospital so I’m meeting myself coming and going! 😀

    • Thanks for replying , I don’t expect replys from everyone as we have lifes to live , and this blogging is fun and a way to have a bit of harmless fun. I just hope around the blog’s to see the world in the way other people look at it.
      Sorry about you mother.
      And thanks again. Clive

    • There were and the sound was just as good , was working right beside them and it was hard as I wanted just to go out and shoot more photos, but that doesn’t pay the bills (yet) …..(dreammmiiinnnggg)
      And keep up the good work yourself.

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