Darkness Into Light Westport 2014 Pieta House

Taken on Saturday morning last at 4am with the nationwide 5 km walk which has gone global also in

London and Sydney will host Darkness Into Light events this year as Pieta House’s flagship fundraiser held in association with Electric Ireland goes international for the first time.



2014_05_11_0049 2014_05_10_0002 2014_05_10_0003 2014_05_10_0004 2014_05_10_0005 2014_05_10_0006 2014_05_10_0007 2014_05_10_0008 2014_05_10_0009 2014_05_10_0010 2014_05_10_0011 2014_05_10_0012 2014_05_10_0013 2014_05_10_0014 2014_05_10_0016 2014_05_10_0017 2014_05_10_0018 2014_05_10_0019 2014_05_10_0020 2014_05_10_0021 2014_05_10_0022 2014_05_10_0023 2014_05_10_0024 2014_05_10_0026 2014_05_10_0027 2014_05_10_0028 2014_05_10_0031 2014_05_10_0033 2014_05_10_0035 2014_05_10_0036 2014_05_10_0037 2014_05_10_0046 2014_05_10_0048



“Preventing suicide & self-harm

Pieta House provides a free, therapeutic approach to people who are in suicidal distress and those who engage in self-harm.”

All “…..” taken from Pieta House info Copyright Pieta House

Copyright Clive Jennings Photography

All original prints available on request. No commercial reproduction allowed in any form without consent.

All Photos for sale please contact us. A donation of all event photos sold will be given to the same event!

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