Well this is about me. I can tell you here and now that this is going to take a lot of attempts to get right or even close to right but we will have fun in doing it……..






These are pictures taken by myself while climbing Croagh Patrick which is a height of approx 764 meters and a beautiful climb in the snow. Didn’t climb it much last year …

These were  uploaded by the IPhone app, all taken on Olympus uTough, so still learning please be patient and I’m talking to myself

More to follow at a later date ..


© Clive Jennings, Clive Jennings Photography, clivejenningsphotography.wordpress.com, [2008-20xx].


17 responses to “About

  1. “some will be poor, some average, and now and then some will be good but its fun looking and trying all the time” You’re brave enough to actually pick up a camera and take shots! I failed photography class! 😉

  2. Clive a chara

    I would like to speak to you but can’t find a private method of contact. Can you email
    eolas @ ionaddeirbhile . ie

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