Volvo Ocean Race Galway 2012 Post 7 Spinning Around

Rather her than me on the Nasa Gyro Machine


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Volvo Ocean Race Galway 2012 Post 8 Cycle or Walk

Taken at Spanish Arch in Galway on the way to the Volvo Ocean Race global village at the Claddagh

Copyright Clive Jennings Photography

Blue Night Light Reflection

Blue Light shadow

In my van I have a blue light, lighting the dash softly and here is a small glimpse of it .


Moving Mirror


Neon Light



Copyright Clive Jennings Photography


Spring Clean

Had to load a new 3G modem onto my sister-in-law’s  computer last night and it always takes ages


And while I was waiting for that I cleaned my daily camera kit.


Canon 50D, Canon EFS15-85mm, Canon EF 70-300mm, Canon Fisheye EF15mm, and Canon Speedlite 580EXII, along with a tripod , Lowepro Slingshot ,  spare batteries , and of course gloves and hat for when I’m out and about …. and discovered one of my lens caps is missing so have to go on a search now ….



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What electronics have changed

I was looking for a note in my diary today and realised that my handwriting has become very poor and its all different styles. I feel that it’s because of all these electronic items, they are all brilliant and help us keep all our information at our fingertips but we have lost some of the old things like the Art of Writing, that’s all I want to say , its a shame ,.

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Smokey Light

Smokey light with a little bit of magic

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What not to do to electronics unless

One thing electronics do not like is water, they don’t really mix.

and as there say don’t try this at home….

I like to do this as a party piece and hear the guys saying ” no no thats not right, no don’t do that ” but its fun

and sure throw a mobile into the mix just for fun again… the Olympus uTough and the Sasmung Soild

I use them when we go climbing, cycling and anywhere we might get into a wet messy situation …



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