Beyond the Music Reimagines The Joshua Tree

Was at Beyond the Music where they reimagine The Joshua Tree, it was a great night in which they paid homage to The Joshua Tree by U2.

Well done to all on the night

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Reading Male Voice Choir Concert on the 11th May 2013

The UK’s Famous “Reading Male Voice Choir” under music director Gwyn Arch, join Mayo Male Voice Choir, St Joseph’s Girls & St. Gerald’s Boys, Secondary School Choirs in Concert. Saturday 11th May,2013. at Church of the Holy Rosary


20130511_ 014



20130511_ 023



20130511_ 029




This is a late post, due to other events I’m just posting it now…better late than never…was passing at the time and popped in to see what was happening ……..


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Il Divo in Dublin at the O2 on the 21st April 2013

Il Divo the band in Dublin at the O2 on the 21 April 2013

Urs Buhler, Swiss , Sebastien Izambard – French, Carlos Marin- Spanish,  David Miller – American

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Mundy on the Water 31st August

Mundy giving it his all on Friday night last at an intimate gig on Killary Crusies. It was a brillant show

The boat looked well and the buzz was so lively on the night.

Just out for some fresh air.

Alex Goor and Mundy at the end of the night.

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