Volvo Ocean Race Galway 2012 Post 10 RNLI

The life saver ………… You do a great job keep it up

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Volvo Ocean Race Galway 2012 Post 6 Last day

Taken on the last day of the Volvo Ocean race from the top of the Hynes Yard Building…

Another great success for the Volvo Ocean race in Galway lets hope they can moore it up in 2014-2015

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Volvo Ocean Race Galway 2012 P2

The Trophy

The Screens in the Volvo building

Volvo building in Galway docks

Volvo Ocean Race Galway 2012

Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012

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Volvo Ocean Race Galway 2012 P1

Taken on Sunday at Salthill of some of the boats on a “Parade of Sails” for the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-2012 on a wet windy day but it just cleared up as the parade started .

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Croagh Patrick, Sunset, Clew Bay and a good climb……

Croagh Patrick shadow from the sunset

and there’s a  clear sky, it should be a good sunset

mmmmm sunset???

Came down off the beaten track and it was a totally different climb,

its a badly stitched photo but give’s you an idea of the views… sorry about the photo…

this one was better

all taken last night Saturday the 9th,  was down at 11pm, beautiful evening and climb.

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Out and About in Leitrim and Sligo in the West of Ireland on May 27th

Lough Gill taken on the County Leitrim side looking towards the County Sligo side

Glencar waterfall in County Leitrim, have to go back again well worth it

Above is where the first picture of the waterfall was taken from

Glencar Lough

Sunset taken at Enniscrone in County Sligo

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Enniscrone Beach Sligo

Went to Enniscrone today to see whats the waves were like, o ya Enniscrone is on the west coast of Ireland. But before we got there we passed the river Moy which is fed from Enniscrone, and is most famous for its salmon fishing and Jack Charlton fishing on it

and we saw a boat stuck on the water

ok it has been stuck there for a while,

But this is what we went to see…..

and I think these planes were racing each other

and some poor farmer got stuck

have a look at the gallery and the small group of birds which were running in and out as the waves did

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The Reek and The Holy Trinity Church Westport

Taken this evening just before sunset of Croagh Patrick. I have taken a lot of photos of it, but its always different,

Went towards Westport to get the sun setting on Croagh Patrick but missed out, so went for an ice cream and waited till it got darker and took a few of this Anglican church its “Holy Trinity Church Westport”. Had to take them over the fence as the place was closed up

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