Rain closing in on Achill Island


Rain closing in on Achill Island, Co Mayo

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Mundy on the Water 31st August

Mundy giving it his all on Friday night last at an intimate gig on Killary Crusies. It was a brillant show

The boat looked well and the buzz was so lively on the night.

Just out for some fresh air.

Alex Goor and Mundy at the end of the night.




Copyright Clive Jennings Photography. 2012

Home time now!

A family of ducks sail off into the sunset!

Croagh Patrick, Sunset, Clew Bay and a good climb……

Croagh Patrick shadow from the sunset

and there’s a  clear sky, it should be a good sunset

mmmmm sunset???

Came down off the beaten track and it was a totally different climb,

its a badly stitched photo but give’s you an idea of the views… sorry about the photo…

this one was better

all taken last night Saturday the 9th,  was down at 11pm, beautiful evening and climb.


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Sunset from Croagh Patrick

It was that nice …..on the evening of May 25th….

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Good Shot

What a great shot ……….perfect control  and a little bit of luck (on my behalf)

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Salt Hill Galway

Diving Board Salt Hill Promenade at night

Taken on a cold evening on the 8th January 2012  but worth I believe……..