Good enough to eat and it was!

This is a cake made by Deirdre McMorrow for good friends and clients of ours Brendan & Julie Chambers. The brief  given to Deirdre was to include a CB radio, one of the first analogue mobile phones and a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 all of which we gave her photographs of. Also included in the brief were company details and the Vodafone logo. The CB radio because this was what Brendan started his business selling, he then moved on to the old analogue mobile phones, the Note 7 because he was waiting on the launch of this phone. He had received the phone, however due to technical difficulties it had to be returned to Samsung. The cake is as close as he will get to the Note 7. This is the humour we have with our clients!



Deirdre was then left to her own devices. Above is the cake – its about 2ft x 1ft ish . Deirdre went to look at Brendan’s & Julie’s new office building and replicated the office frontage along with cctv cameras, Vodafone logo, roller shutters and for me a blue bell box for the intruder alarm which our other company installed with our logo on the bell box which was tiny but brilliant detail.



The reaction to the cake was one of amazement, most of all Brendan himself, as he said himself it sums it all up





So Deirdre well done here is a link to her Facebook. well worth it .


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Feeding Time

I see something

Here goes


Taken at Clewbay Westport last week on the same day as this post Sun on Clewbay. Right place right time and a bit of luck !

The Flip

The Flip for Pancake Tuesday as the Top heading says “Having Fun is Everything”  ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Ah sure there has to be fun in photography!!



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Pancake Tuesday



Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday


As you can see from the photo I am just about to make pancake mix for tomorrow.

The flavours I’m making are Plain, Lemon, Vanilla and Cinnamon.

I discovered when I went looking for information on the net that this seems to be celebrated all around the world in many different ways and if not celebrated, they have taken the simple pancake and put many different twists on it so see some of the links I found and enjoy if you are taking on the challenge of the “Pancake Filp”



















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