Westport at night

These were taken today in Westport on the Mall again from the other side

Westport Co Mayo

Westport Co Mayo at night

Westport Co Mayo

On the way home again ….

See the gallery for more shots of me messing again ……

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A little bit of Ireland

Cannon's bar

Cannon's pub Castlebar

A pub in Castlebar on Market Square

Cannon's pub 2

Cannon's pub Castlebar 1

As the heading says a little bit of Ireland, an old style pub which unfortunately is not open any more, but is kept as if it is and probably as good as many which are open, its always lit and well painted and I would pass it on many occasions during any week .

Below is a few links about pub itself

Cannon’s Pub Castlebar Summer 2007 – YouTube


Check this one out the old photos







Killary Fjord Co Galway

Killary Fjord on a misty afternoon

Picture of the Only Fjord in Ireland this afternoon the 17th

Killary Fjord 2

Its hard to see but there is a boat there,

Killary Cruise is there

See there it is ,

Killary Fjord 3

Was over working for the Killary Cruise and as you can see, not the best weather but it has it’s good days as well

I have attached a gallery to show what it can look like, some of these were taken early on a Sunday morning on the 20th June 2010 while climbing Mweelrea, the highest mountain in Connaught at 814meters

Irish Roots, Epals and County MayoMweelrea Mountain Walk

If you’re around the area try the cruise and if Alex or Gordan are working they may tell you about my first time working on the boat while it was moored and me going green with sea sickness even though it was going no place, O ya try the apple tart and cream.

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