A small shoal of fish

A small shoal of fish taken in Westport as the sun goes down .




Home time now!

A family of ducks sail off into the sunset!

Feeding Time

I see something

Here goes


Taken at Clewbay Westport last week on the same day as this post Sun on Clewbay. Right place right time and a bit of luck !

Flowers in Bloom








Taken in Bertra in Westport yesterday afternoon



Copyright Clive Jennings Photography


A Little bit of America in Westport

Ireland’s Uncle Sams

A little bit of USA in Westport Co Mayo located on Mill Street and coffee and cheesecake are not bad either, even though Wikipedia says coffee originated in Ethiopia, History of coffee – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and cheesecake  originated in ancient Greece,  The History of Cheesecake and Cream Cheese but that is only a minor detail.