July Rainbow

Taken at a customer’s house while working , just as well my customers know me well enough to not wonder what the hell i’m at with the camera taking photos of rainbows

Copyright Clive Jennings Photography


Achill on Sunday evening

Deserted Village in Achill

Taken on Keel beach on Sunday evening

And this rainbow appeared on the way home, right place right time.

Copyright Clive Jennings Photography

Here comes the rain

As the rain comes and pelts against the window to remind us of the wet March weather that we are having we are greeted with a beautiful rainbow!

Rainbow on Lough Conn

The last bit of the rainbow 1

Rainbow almost gone on Pontoon

On the way to Ballina and looking for a place to stop to take a photo and just got it in time the last of the rainbow at Pontoon Castlebar on Lough Conn