1798 Memorial Market Square Castlebar

1798 Rebellion Memorial in Market Square, Castlebar, Co Mayo taken Monday night April 30th. The pikes represent war and the doves represent peace.

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Men In Black in Ballinrobe Co Mayo Or Not……

Water Towers in Ballinrobe

Water Towers in Ballinrobe

Taken last Friday night in Ballinrobe in Co Mayo of the water towers …………….. Men In Black Towers??????

Water Towers in Ballinrobe 2

Water Towers in Ballinrobe 3

Water Towers in Ballinrobe 4

Water Towers in Ballinrobe 5

Tobin Engineers

“Water is the elixir of life, and Ireland is endowed with water in abundance. Yet, much of the water resources in Ireland are in the Midlands and West, but the concentration of population is in the East. This epitomises the water resources and balancing challenge in Ireland.

Mayo is fortunate to be so rich in water assets, with Lough Mask being the jewel and the venue for the World Fly Angling championships.”



Tobin Engineering Web Site:

“The challenge facing TOBIN as Consulting Engineers, entrusted by Mayo County Council with the task, was to deliver potable water to every household and business in Central, South and East Mayo. This involved extracting the water from Lough Mask, pumping it up to an elevation sufficient to deliver water by gravity to every corner of the region, treat it to meet exacting modern standards, and provide distributed local controls and storage to the main centres of population around the region.   ”


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Straide Friary in Mayo at Night

Straide Friary Plaque

Friary Window

What can I say, I only get time in the evening after work to take photos so it’s peaceful and quiet and brilliant when the evenings/nights are dry

Taken in Straide Friary in County Mayo which is a part of the Michael Davitt Memorial Museum








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Old Ruins in Balla Co Mayo

Old Ruins Balla

Old Ruins Balla

Old Ruins Balla B/W

Stone Wall Balla

Stone Wall Balla

Taken last night of old ruins in Balla Co. Mayo , don’t know the name or have any information on the ruins, but I hope you enjoy it.

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Mulranny beach by night and a boat nearby



In Knots



All Tied Up



Repair Shop

The boats shots were taken last night down a small layby in the Mulranny area….


Bridge at Mulranny Beach




Mulranny Beach walkway



Mulranny Town Street Lights




Mulranny Park Hotel


Taken on the walkway from the main road beside the Park Hotel to the beach in Mulranny….



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Blue Night Light Reflection

Blue Light shadow

In my van I have a blue light, lighting the dash softly and here is a small glimpse of it .


Moving Mirror


Neon Light



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Lough Garra at Moorehall Co Mayo

These were taken last night at Lough Garra at Moorehall Co Mayo. I’ll have to go back as they are not very clear but as we say practice makes perfect…


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Croagh Patrick in the Moon Light

At the bottom of The Reek or St Patricks Holy Mountain, an area for praying which looks on to the mountain in the background.

And here is a statue of the man himself

This is just the start of your climb and here is the walk up to the only steps of the climb

And the mountain itself in moon light and it was cold

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Westport at night

These were taken today in Westport on the Mall again from the other side

Westport Co Mayo

Westport Co Mayo at night

Westport Co Mayo

On the way home again ….

See the gallery for more shots of me messing again ……

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