July Rainbow

Taken at a customer’s house while working , just as well my customers know me well enough to not wonder what the hell i’m at with the camera taking photos of rainbows

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The River Moy / The Salmon Weir

The followings photos were taken last night the 19th with my sister  in Ballina in Mayo. The River Moy, including The Salmon Weir and the pedestrian bridge linking Barrett Street and Ridge Pool Road. The bridge was designed to resemble a fishing rod  which the river Moy is famous for. Jack Charlton former Irish soccer manager is renowned for fishing here.


8th-15th July 2012

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Salthill in Galway off the diving board

I know there are a lot of photos in this one but they were having fun, take a look at the last one who stayed perfectly straight while diving/jumping….





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Croagh Patrick on a windy Monday in Ireland

Taken yesterday 19th from Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo. I have attached a gallery, they are as they were shot, not edited

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Pontoon Lough Conn Nephin Mountain Range

Taken this afternoon on the road to Ballina at Pontoon , hope you enjoy.

Nephin Mountain in the distance with a shower in front of it …

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Enniscrone Beach Sligo

Went to Enniscrone today to see whats the waves were like, o ya Enniscrone is on the west coast of Ireland. But before we got there we passed the river Moy which is fed from Enniscrone, and is most famous for its salmon fishing and Jack Charlton fishing on it




and we saw a boat stuck on the water

ok it has been stuck there for a while,



But this is what we went to see…..

and I think these planes were racing each other

and some poor farmer got stuck

have a look at the gallery and the small group of birds which were running in and out as the waves did

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What not to do to electronics unless

One thing electronics do not like is water, they don’t really mix.

and as there say don’t try this at home….

I like to do this as a party piece and hear the guys saying ” no no thats not right, no don’t do that ” but its fun

and sure throw a mobile into the mix just for fun again… the Olympus uTough and the Sasmung Soild

I use them when we go climbing, cycling and anywhere we might get into a wet messy situation …








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Salt Hill Galway

Diving Board Salt Hill Promenade at night

Taken on a cold evening on the 8th January 2012  but worth I believe……..