Good enough to eat and it was!

This is a cake made by Deirdre McMorrow for good friends and clients of ours Brendan & Julie Chambers. The brief  given to Deirdre was to include a CB radio, one of the first analogue mobile phones and a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 all of which we gave her photographs of. Also included in the brief were company details and the Vodafone logo. The CB radio because this was what Brendan started his business selling, he then moved on to the old analogue mobile phones, the Note 7 because he was waiting on the launch of this phone. He had received the phone, however due to technical difficulties it had to be returned to Samsung. The cake is as close as he will get to the Note 7. This is the humour we have with our clients!



Deirdre was then left to her own devices. Above is the cake – its about 2ft x 1ft ish . Deirdre went to look at Brendan’s & Julie’s new office building and replicated the office frontage along with cctv cameras, Vodafone logo, roller shutters and for me a blue bell box for the intruder alarm which our other company installed with our logo on the bell box which was tiny but brilliant detail.



The reaction to the cake was one of amazement, most of all Brendan himself, as he said himself it sums it all up





So Deirdre well done here is a link to her Facebook. well worth it .


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An Post RAS 2015 Newport Co Mayo


An Post representative Ray Conroy, reassuring the Garda that it will all be ok!


David Brennan first in for the Mayo Team into Newport.



Followed by his team mates.


The Mayo team representing us in the RAS 2015.


Brendan Nally giving John Brennan words of encouragement as Brendan would only do


See below for more photos on the day


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Last Sunset in the West Of Ireland behind Croagh Patrick


Thank you everyone that looked, liked, and commented on my blog over the last year. It was a quiet one but I hope this coming year 2015 will be better…………………………………………………………………Thank You !!



ENJOY 2015!!!!!!!

“Happy 2015 from me, Clive and all the guys!”

Western People West Of Ireland Women’s Mini Marathon 2014 Photos


Taken on Sunday the 4th of  May 2014

Well done to all who took part you all did brillant! Well Done!



See the link below for over 500 photos









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Mayo Pink Ribbon Day 2014

Taken on Saturday 3rd of May on the Newport Road just outside Castlebar

PRD2014_357 PRD2014_356 PRD2014_355 PRD2014_354 PRD2014_353 PRD2014_352 PRD2014_351 PRD2014_350 PRD2014_349 PRD2014_348 PRD2014_347 PRD2014_346 PRD2014_345 PRD2014_344 PRD2014_343 PRD2014_342 PRD2014_341 PRD2014_340 PRD2014_339 PRD2014_338 PRD2014_337 PRD2014_336 PRD2014_335 PRD2014_334 PRD2014_333 PRD2014_332 PRD2014_331 PRD2014_330 PRD2014_329 PRD2014_328 PRD2014_327 PRD2014_326 PRD2014_325 PRD2014_324 PRD2014_323 PRD2014_322 PRD2014_321 PRD2014_320 PRD2014_319 PRD2014_318 PRD2014_317 PRD2014_316 PRD2014_315 PRD2014_314 PRD2014_313 PRD2014_312 PRD2014_311 PRD2014_310 PRD2014_309 PRD2014_308 PRD2014_307 PRD2014_306 PRD2014_305 PRD2014_304 PRD2014_303 PRD2014_302 PRD2014_301 PRD2014_300 PRD2014_299 PRD2014_298 PRD2014_297 PRD2014_296 PRD2014_295 PRD2014_294 PRD2014_293 PRD2014_292 PRD2014_291 PRD2014_290 PRD2014_289 PRD2014_288 PRD2014_287 PRD2014_286 PRD2014_285 PRD2014_284 PRD2014_283 PRD2014_282 PRD2014_281 PRD2014_280 PRD2014_279 PRD2014_278 PRD2014_277 PRD2014_276 PRD2014_275 PRD2014_274 PRD2014_273 PRD2014_272 PRD2014_271 PRD2014_270 PRD2014_269 PRD2014_268 PRD2014_267 PRD2014_266 PRD2014_265 PRD2014_264 PRD2014_263 PRD2014_262 PRD2014_261 PRD2014_260 PRD2014_259 PRD2014_258 PRD2014_257 PRD2014_256 PRD2014_255 PRD2014_254 PRD2014_253 PRD2014_252 PRD2014_251 PRD2014_250 PRD2014_249 PRD2014_248 PRD2014_247 PRD2014_246 PRD2014_245 PRD2014_244 PRD2014_243 PRD2014_242 PRD2014_241 PRD2014_240 PRD2014_239 PRD2014_238 PRD2014_237 PRD2014_236 PRD2014_235 PRD2014_234 PRD2014_233 PRD2014_232 PRD2014_231 PRD2014_230 PRD2014_229 PRD2014_228 PRD2014_227 PRD2014_226 PRD2014_225 PRD2014_224 PRD2014_223 PRD2014_222 PRD2014_221 PRD2014_220 PRD2014_219 PRD2014_218 PRD2014_217 PRD2014_216 PRD2014_215 PRD2014_214 PRD2014_213 PRD2014_212 PRD2014_211 PRD2014_210 PRD2014_209 PRD2014_208 PRD2014_207 PRD2014_206 PRD2014_205 PRD2014_204 PRD2014_203 PRD2014_202 PRD2014_201 PRD2014_200 PRD2014_199 PRD2014_198 PRD2014_197 PRD2014_196 PRD2014_195 PRD2014_194 PRD2014_193 PRD2014_192 PRD2014_191 PRD2014_190 PRD2014_189 PRD2014_188 PRD2014_187 PRD2014_186 PRD2014_185 PRD2014_184 PRD2014_183 PRD2014_182 PRD2014_181 PRD2014_180 PRD2014_179 PRD2014_178 PRD2014_177 PRD2014_176 PRD2014_175 PRD2014_174 PRD2014_173 PRD2014_172 PRD2014_171 PRD2014_170 PRD2014_169 PRD2014_168 PRD2014_167 PRD2014_166 PRD2014_165 PRD2014_164 PRD2014_163 PRD2014_162 PRD2014_161 PRD2014_160 PRD2014_159 PRD2014_158 PRD2014_157 PRD2014_156 PRD2014_155 PRD2014_154 PRD2014_153 PRD2014_152 PRD2014_151 PRD2014_150 PRD2014_149 PRD2014_148 PRD2014_147 PRD2014_146 PRD2014_145 PRD2014_144 PRD2014_143 PRD2014_142 PRD2014_141 PRD2014_140 PRD2014_139 PRD2014_138 PRD2014_137 PRD2014_136 PRD2014_135 PRD2014_134 PRD2014_133 PRD2014_132 PRD2014_131 PRD2014_130 PRD2014_129 PRD2014_128 PRD2014_127 PRD2014_126 PRD2014_125 PRD2014_124 PRD2014_123 PRD2014_122 PRD2014_121 PRD2014_120 PRD2014_119 PRD2014_118 PRD2014_117 PRD2014_116 PRD2014_115 PRD2014_114 PRD2014_113 PRD2014_112 PRD2014_111 PRD2014_110 PRD2014_109 PRD2014_108 PRD2014_107 PRD2014_106 PRD2014_105 PRD2014_104 PRD2014_103 PRD2014_102 PRD2014_101 PRD2014_100 PRD2014_099 PRD2014_098 PRD2014_097 PRD2014_096 PRD2014_095 PRD2014_094 PRD2014_093 PRD2014_092 PRD2014_091 PRD2014_090 PRD2014_089 PRD2014_088 PRD2014_087 PRD2014_086 PRD2014_085 PRD2014_084 PRD2014_083 PRD2014_082 PRD2014_081 PRD2014_080 PRD2014_079 PRD2014_078 PRD2014_077 PRD2014_076 PRD2014_075 PRD2014_074 PRD2014_073 PRD2014_072 PRD2014_071 PRD2014_070 PRD2014_069 PRD2014_068 PRD2014_067 PRD2014_066 PRD2014_065 PRD2014_064 PRD2014_063 PRD2014_062 PRD2014_061 PRD2014_060 PRD2014_059 PRD2014_058 PRD2014_057 PRD2014_056 PRD2014_055 PRD2014_054 PRD2014_053 PRD2014_052 PRD2014_051 PRD2014_050 PRD2014_049 PRD2014_048 PRD2014_047 PRD2014_046 PRD2014_045 PRD2014_044 PRD2014_043 PRD2014_042 PRD2014_041 PRD2014_040 PRD2014_039 PRD2014_038 PRD2014_037 PRD2014_036 PRD2014_035 PRD2014_034 PRD2014_033 PRD2014_032 PRD2014_031 PRD2014_030 PRD2014_029 PRD2014_028 PRD2014_027 PRD2014_026 PRD2014_025 PRD2014_024 PRD2014_023 PRD2014_022 PRD2014_021 PRD2014_020 PRD2014_019 PRD2014_018 PRD2014_017 PRD2014_016 PRD2014_015 PRD2014_014 PRD2014_013 PRD2014_012 PRD2014_011 PRD2014_010 PRD2014_009 PRD2014_008 PRD2014_007 PRD2014_006 PRD2014_005 PRD2014_004 PRD2014_003 PRD2014_002 PRD2014_001 PRD2014_358

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Croagh Patrick on the 15th June Post 4

DSC_0111 DSC_0114Again taken just at the flat section of the Reek




again taken by a Zony Xperia Z .

Copyright Clive Jennings Photography

Croagh Patrick on the 15th June Post 3


Taken coming down the reek the cone section they call it

taken by a Zony Xperia Z and uploaded to Google and Pano auto stitched them .

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